Complete Tax Solutions, Inc - Tax Preparation Services

These days, many people rely on tax software to prepare their taxes online but nothing beats the real world experience and personal touch of a local tax professional. Our Burlingame, CA tax advisors provide income tax preparation for businesses and individuals along with friendly customer service. We take the guesswork out of tax preparation because we not only prepare and file your taxes accurately but we also make ourselves available to answer tax questions for our loyal clients.

At Complete Tax Solutions, Inc, we care about every client so we work hard to get you the kind of tax savings you can take to the bank. As regulations change, we identify new deductions and incentives that aim to reduce your overall tax burden and bring you a higher tax return. Best of all, we make it easy. Just bring us your paperwork, receipts, and prior tax returns and we'll do the rest.

Burlingame, CA Tax Preparer

  • Business tax preparation - corporate, LLC, etc.
  • Multi-state tax preparation for businesses
  • Tax returns for individuals
  • Estate tax returns
  • Form 990 tax return preparation for nonprofits
  • Expatriate tax preparation and FBAR filing
  • Quicker tax refunds with E-file

    When it comes to tax planning and preparation, all tax advisors are not created equal. You can depend on the experienced tax advisors at Complete Tax Solutions, Inc for fresh ideas to help reduce your taxes through proactive planning and skillful income tax preparation. With us in your corner, you'll take advantage of every avenue available to help minimize your tax burden and maximize your income. We know every dollar counts so, whether you're a small business owner or individual, we provide a high level of service to ensure that you don’t overpay and are always in compliance with current tax laws and regulations.

    As enrolled agents, we are federally licensed tax practitioners and experts in the field of taxation. We are authorized by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax issues.

    Business Tax Preparation

    When we prepare your taxes, our goal is to ensure that you never miss a tax deduction. We'll analyze the tax code to help make sure your business pays the lowest amount of tax possible.

    Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

    Take the stress out of tax preparation by letting us handle all your tax filings so you can feel confident that you won’t pay more than you owe.